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1011 State Route 28  Kingston, N.Y.          845 338-3338

Since 1985

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Quality Materials, Innovative Design and Exceptional Value

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Therapedic mattresses feature advanced technologies that offer exceptional support, comfort and durablity.  Many of our components are so unique that they have been awarded patents by the U.S. Government and other Governments around the world.  We invite you to compare the benefits and features of our mattresses with any other leading mattress brand.  We're certain that feature for feature, you will find that a Therapedic Mattress offers a superior night's sleep and a better value. It all adds up to extra support and comfort...at no extra cost.

A Therapedic premium quality sleep set is designed and engineered to provide you with proper support and comfort for years and years. Purchasing a well designed mattress is an investment in your overall wellness that costs just pennies a night over the life of the product.  When you look for a new sleep set, remember it's what you can't see that counts. "On sale" specials may look like bargains, but how well do they support you...and how long will they last? We know that SALE tag is tempting, but chances are that a cheap mattress will not offer the same level of comfort and support or the peace of mind that comes with Therapedic's unique Worldwide Limited Warranty.

When shopping for a mattress, the devil is in the details.  The design and quality of the components inside the mattress are what makes it feel and perform properly.  Determining what's right for you is simple...find the most features that deliver the benefits you need within your budget.  Therapedic mattresses feature the finest quality support systems as well as the most sumptuous foams and fabrics.  But don't take our word for it!  Ask your sales associate to compare the support systems and comfort materials in the mattresses you are considering.  We're certain you'll discover that a Therapedic mattress offers you the best value for your budget.  

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Therapedic was founded in 1957 by Gerald Gershaw, a former World War II fighter pilot. After the war, Gershaw entered the mattress business believing that the mattresses being offered the public at that time could be greatly improved upon. He believed that a smaller, independent manufacturer, like himself, could produce a product far superior to that of the larger mattress companies. He was right.


In a small, Garwood, New Jersey factory, Gershaw began to make what he called “Therapedic” mattresses. The name Therapedic was a combination of two words: “therapy” for the therapeutic sleep that the mattress would provide, and “pedic” for the medicinal effect the mattress would have on the back and body of the sleeper. Before long, Gershaw was offering a complete line of Therapedic mattresses to his customers. As his business grew, Gershaw realized that he needed to increase his manufacturing capabilities. In order to maintain the quality of his products, he decided to add small, independent mattress manufacturers to his young company. With this goal and little more than a gasoline company credit card in his pocket, Gershaw crossed the country in an old station wagon, recruiting others who would share his vision of better sleep through better mattresses.


It worked. Soon, Therapedic had a network of mattress factories throughout the United States making quality sleep products under the Therapedic brand name. It wasn’t long before Therapedic’s growth began to push beyond the limits of our domestic borders. Licensees began to spring up in Australia, Ireland, Canada and China. Today, Therapedic has over fifty factories throughout the world, manufacturing sleep products in over thirty countries. Through all its success, Therapedic has maintained its unwavering commitment to producing quality mattresses and sleep related products. “Our heritage of making quality sleep products that represent a better value to the consumer is foremost in our minds when we design new products for today’s marketplace,” says President/CEO Gerry Borreggine. “It’s that quality and value combination that makes us who we are all over the world.”